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Words in Action: Paddy teaches creative skills

Words in Action is Paddy Gormley's teaching project. He helps develop the creative thinking, writing and problem solving skills of business and creative people, groups and individuals, face to face and via the internet. 

(Words in Action is not PG's only project concerned with creativity. Click here or scroll to the bottom of this page for links to other sites featuring his writing, web design and digital audio.)

Words in Action is based on the principle that creativity is a matter of skill, and need not be left to chance.  For more than a decade, Paddy Gormley has been developing a unique series of models of the creative process, explaining the interlinkages between creative and analytical thinking, memory and imagination, intellect and the emotions. 

Words in Action is potentially beneficial to everyone, whatever their circumstances:

  • business people who must innovate to remain competitive,
  • creative people who do not know their true creative potential,
  • students in higher and further education as they contemplate their uncertain futures,
  • people in all walks of life facing unfamiliar problems that demand creative solutions,
  • and so on. 

Paddy Gormley's teaching of creative skills is far from theoretical. He invariably focuses on the needs and aspirations of those he teaches, engaging, inspiring and involving them in constructive dialogue, and then gently steering the discussion towards a beneficial outcome.  Whether the outcome is a business plan, a short piece of creative writing, a set of techniques for communicating persuasively, a series of actions aimed at solving a problem, or whatever, Paddy Gormley ensures that the ideas come from, and belong to, the participants themselves. 

The title of this teaching initiative, Words in Action, is derived from Paddy Gormley's belief in the creative power of language.  He maintains that lively, constructive, focused discussion is a uniquely powerful force, not only for creativity, but also for nurturing mutual respect and encouragement. In all his work with groups, Paddy Gormley connects individuals' respective trains of thought with one another and with the models for creativity that he teaches.  He finds that participants, seeing how like minded they are, are more willing to work together to develop and implement creative solutions. 

If you or your colleagues want to be more creative, whatever your discipline, get in touch with Paddy Gormley for a no-obligation discussion to find out how his Words in Action may be able to help.  The extraordinary range of his work, from facilitating strategic business planning meetings to conducting creative writing classes for primary schoolchildren, stems from his thirty-year portfolio career spanning computer systems analysis, music criticism, business management consultancy, after-dinner speaking, management training, playwriting, web design, business research, report and article writing, conference management, computerised animation, adult education, database design, poetry, digital audio production and philosophy. 



  • "Fascinating discussion that challenged my concept of language and how it can be applied in coaching"
  • "Fantastic, what a great and interesting topic. Enjoyed the format and presentation. Thanks very much."
  • "I loved this presentation - really interested in language and very much liked Paddy's presentation skills."
  • "Great session - really interactive and opening up creativity"
  • "Paddy created a very conducive atmosphere for sharing and demonstrated outstanding time management"




The metaphysical aspects of creativity
are explored in Paddy Gormley's
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for the metamatters website,
which features extensive video and audio files, including live audience presentations with Q&A.

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Click the image below for a 5-page PDF charting the development of Paddy Gormley's passionate interest in, and unique approach to the subject of creative thinking. 

Click here for a resumé of Paddy Gormley's work in the field of creative thinking skills


Click the image below for an archive film of
Paddy Gormley
's presentation
to the International Bar Association (Dublin, 1998) on his Exciting Writing website.

Paddy Gormley's Exciting Writing


The symbolic reasoning game with Lewisham Coaching Community (The first track of the "Ambiguity" discussion in the audio player at the head of this page) inspired the postcard designed for PG's half-day workshop for the Society of Women Writers and Journalists in September 2010.

Click on the image below for a copy of the postcard (2-page PDF).

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