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Paddy Gormley's teaching of creative skills is very much based on specific needs. This page links to a number of projects that demonstrate the wide-ranging nature of his work and his flexible approach.   


Paddy Gormley is actively seeking a publisher for Language with Altitude, his "practical guide to reason, rhetoric, rhythm and rhyme. A private imprint is available to interested publishers. Click the image on the right for the Language with Altitude website.


Having worked in the fields of business problem solving and creative thinking skills for more than twenty years, Paddy Gormley is able to devise a management training course to meet the creative needs of any organisation.  Click on the image on the right for a PDF contaning descriptions of two illustrative courses: 

  • Developing a Creative Culture
    A two-day course for senior people wishing to motivate their colleagues to think creatively and to reason persuasively
  • Creative Communications
    A three-day course for professionals at all levels wishing to exploit their creative potential, in terms of communicating information and ideas beyond the confines of their respective departments and/or
    applying creative thinking skills to establish better connections within the delivery chain


Course descriptions: Developing a Creative Culture & Creative Communcations


In 2006, working in association with the Women's Radio Group charity, Paddy Gormley created an hour-long series of audio-visual tutorials on the subject of Writing for Radio. The project was supported by Awards for All.  The tutorials include interesting material on the subject of creativity in general as well as exploring radio-specific topics.  For example, the tutorials include the first public manifestation of Paddy Gormley's emerging model for the creative process and a comparative assessment of the respective creative potentials of books, radio and tv/film. 

Click on the image on the right to view the tutorials, which are available here free of charge and without any registration formalities.  The tutorials have recently been re-engineered (November 2009) to improve download speed and navigation.

Paddy Gormley would like to hear from anyone who may be able to establish funding for the further development of this exciting project. 

Radio writing tutorials


Between 2001 and 2005, Paddy Gormley led a series of creative writing classes for adults under his Exciting Writing banner. Throughout this time he produced weekly topic sheets to stimulate class discussion and experimentation with new writing techniques. 

The topic sheets have been preserved in their original form and are freely available via the link on the right (to an archive version of the Exciting Writing website).  Whilst Paddy Gormley's thinking has progressed significantly since the original courses, the topic sheets offer many interesting insights for beginner and experienced writers alike. 

The courses featured in this archive as as follows: 

  • Foundation Course
  • Exciting Plot Writing
  • Exciting Writing for Theatre
  • Exciting Writing for Radio
  • Exciting Writing for Laughter
  • Exciting Sitcom Writing
  • Exciting Factual Writing
  • Verse Technique & Poetry
Exciting Writing: topic sheets


This series of six quarter-hour radio talks offers a further perspective on the creative power of radio, using Paddy Gormley's models for creativity, memory and imaagination to explain why, on radio, "the pictures are better". 

Click on the image on the right for the Write Minded website, which includes a full recording of the first of the talks and synopses of the other five. 


Paddy Gormley's many websites provide further evidence of his exceptional creativity.  Click on the image on the right for a portfolio page of websites by Paddy Gormley. 

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